When you choose a transport, there are several way to understand his choice. Several types of transport may apply to your problem, but there is often an ideal type.

What does this means?

This means that you can order your transport on most of the categories, but that if you don't take care, two things could happen :

1 - You're going to pay more: for example the price at KM is more expensive abroad, you can pretty much order from France to the France International, but you will pay more expensive than choosing the transport of France toward France. Second example you may very well ask a transport from a single pallet of 400kg in 33 tons but you will pay much more expensive than in VL.

2 - You may have technical problems of transport (for example if order you a non refrigerated instead of the refrigerated) or even damage (for example if you've transported books on a shelf and the rain has damaged them.


3- Your transport may be delayed and or cancelled. If ever it is when loading the driver see for example that it is dangerous to carry a RIPRAP in tray, not only your transportation may be cancelled, but you may charge cancellation or change. Be aware, however, that the latest statistics show that 99.8% of transport without worries by nour intermediate, and it is this expertise that is recognized at home, but by professionalism we still care for the 0.2% remaining, our goal is to get a 0% problems in the near future.

We maximally try to anticipate these problems, but you should always know that we are not able to guess some things if you don't tell them. More specific you are in your order and we will be able to anticipate the problems for you. Most of the time, the comment field is there for that, and the ability to attach a commercial invoice informs us about the nature of the goods. Most often two things will be important: the dimensions and nature of the goods.

Choose a transport on 1Fret

Am I a professional or an individual?

For you the difference is transparent, so you can order on any plug as a professional.

Just be careful in particular has accessibility (in size, but also for coatings, bans, attention to the Telecom wire within 5 m of height ect..)

How my transport is it urgent?

Transport is distinguished in two different times :

  1. The "pick pack time" which is the time between a posted order and when we transport must be removed.
  2. The "transit time" which is the time between thepick up and delivery.

Schéma transist time

The total time of this two factors is called delivery time. The most important is the pack time pick because overall driving time regulations make the transit time difficult to reduce. In general and specific issues, time is the total time, but when you order, you can specify both.

For the maritime, generally take the next boat, but sometimes the choice is between the two, we do it for you for questions of optimization either contact you and point out the different possibilities of ETA / ETD.

Pick pack time can be categorize into 3 broad categories :< / p>

  • 0 days or as soon as possible. The merchandise is already ready and should arrive quickly. 
  • 1 day is the next day
  • 2 or more. More than two days, you can often enjoy an additional discount, more you order early and less you pay expensive.

If your pick pack time is necessarily 0 or 1 day, then direct you to the category.a href = "" target = "_blank" class = "btn, btn-default" >Express and races.

If your pick pack time is of 2 days while the transit time is reduced compared to normal will need you the also an Express / race.

If you are unsure, place your order by express and comment stating that you know not whether there is an express, if this is not the case we will adjust the price downward, and if that's the case at least your transport is reserved immediately.

When you order you specify the date has disposal of the goods and the maximum delivery date. More dates will be remote in time, less you pay expensive transport (or rather, enjoy a special discount).

What type of vehicle for my transportation?

You should always try to take the smallest possible vehicle, it will be cheaper at KM and faster, since with driving times and of course constraints / less heavy driving bans.

You can find the dimensions of the main vehicles and containers here: Dimensions of the main vehicle and transport containers. < /p >

In general, the optimum is to put two rows of containers, but if they are less than 80cm so you might want to align them by 3. Your shipment must be stable and in the case of bulky items, there will be setting those above.

Of 1 to 6 pallets with a maximum total weight of 1 ton, choose one tvehicles less than 3.5 tonNES.

Beyond 1 ton or more pallets choose one Classic heavyweight transport.

For your fresh produce:a href = "" target = "_blank" class = "btn, btn-default" >Transport of fresh produce , en surgelé : Transportation of frozen foods.a > , ou en Multi-temperatures < /.has >

For your goods or construction vehicles (also allows a load and a quick reload), choose one < a href = "" target = "_blank" class = "btn, btn-default" >transit truck

For your rock, Earth and gravel choose one transport dumpster

You want to carry a maritime conteiner? We transport your conteiners

Looking for international shipping? Make your choice in category maritIME ( n'oubliez pas d'ajouter le transport routier de conteneur depuis le point de départ et jusqu'au port de chargement dans une seconde ligne de commande ou dans une autre commande ).