Secure payment < /.strong > 

How we offer a payment 100% secure :< /stRong >

With SSL (encryption and symbolized by the Https protocol connection) by redirection on the site of the bank BNP (MERCANET). As the payment does not come with us, your data are not stored with us and did not sail through, we send your basket amount to the savings bank which confirms that you have paid at home, so your order is validated. The Bank will donate us the funds later.

So you don't have to trust us, because nothing is happening with us. The Caisse d'Epargne vouches for your payment and in general banks are solvent litigation!

What is 3D Secure?

-For the transaction, your bank certifies your payment through an SMS or personal questions, which you are asked. < br />-Any fraudulent use of your credit card will be possible on our site.
-Fraudsters will not be able to place an order with us.
-Thanks to this service, the blue card fraud rate is close to 0. Do not hesitate to claim it from other merchants.

Why is it safer than PayPal for example? < /.H2 >

Just because your account PayPal is linked to your adresse email. Anyone with your email access, potentially has access to your PayPal account. As a result, any virus that captures your e-mail password, gives access to your PayPal account to hackers. If your antivirus software is not up-to-date, if your browser is not updated or if your operating system is not up-to-date (any of these 3 criteria) you are very much vulnerable to the virus and trojants.

< p style = "pa"dding - left:30px;" >But rest assured, Paypal is always proposed as a means of payment, however security depends more on us, but you!

Though even why believe you?

Even if you don't believe us, believe Google. Google had certified us Google Merchant trust and as such, we are partners Merchant Center. Before and when this program existed under this name, we were certified among the first in France. To get a company is verified, and must get to excellent reviews (that we have also other sites of online sales leader in their segment).

< p style = "make - size:11px; do - weight:400;" >You can also check for the existence of our company and its existence in France to this day on the site of info transplant.