Price of transport of less than 3.5 tons in Europe

Check the rate of transport of less than 3.5 tonnes at the start of any country in Europe to any other country in Europe. < /p >

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Maximum total: 7 meters in length, 2.2 meters in width, 2.5 meters in height, 980kg in total.

VAT excluded
Country of departure
Arrival country

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  • Premium transport, fast and without "surprise overload". Premium transport, fast and without "surprise overload".
  • Delivery in a vehicle adapted to your needs, at the advertised price Delivery in a vehicle adapted to your needs, at the advertised price
  • Multimodal and international transport. Multimodal and international transport.

For good fill your order from Van transport or for a more accurate price possible :

1 - Before the departure address fields and arrived :

This product is optimized at the level of its tariff for transport anywhere in Europe. 

Addresses are auto-completed. You can enter the address of business directly as "GEODIS LONDON", or simply enter the address "12 path of low land WESMINSTER "

You must select the address in the list of choices, a whole direct entry can drive google Maps to not interpret your address, you can reduce you the address to the street and postal code for example. Think in the telephone numbers of well add the prefix of the country (+ XX) instead of the "0".

Do not enter the coordinates of the contact, a field will leave this possibility later, however, you must enter a specific address. You can go on Google Maps in another window to do a search on the address in conditions more comfortable.

2 - Enter departure and arrival contacts

He is here to be the best persons to inform the driver, if necessary. The phonehone should be reachable within traditional business hours. You can also specify the address if you have not found enough accuracy on the first fields. You can also specify a company name, for example.

Contact fields may contain several lines, do not hesitate to use them if necessary: you can pull together or specify the address.

Attention to dates! The date must be a J + 2 (working) GMT imperatively at the time of the payment of your transport. More you are away in the future more you are likely to get a discount.

You can fill the schedule of opening and closing departure and arrival in the field comments various which lies at the end of entry.

3 - Fill in the information on the goods carried...facilities >

Enter the number of packages or pallets. If you have a large bulky object, it must be manipulated to the truck. If this isn't the case, but that the dimensions and the weight does not exceed the above-mentioned maximum, then you must indicate the specific truck: Yes and you will also need to ensure the loading and unloading of the goods (bridge crane , cart elevator ect. ).

Vous can attach documents by uploading them (attention to the format).

Check the dimensions of pallets or the meters of floor necessaryIRES in the case of objects not palletized.

Then choose the amount of insurance you need.

4 - Click on order 2 times

The first click will save your entry in your cookies and the second will save with us so that you can order it directly, if you wish.