Price of transport from 1 to 33 pallets of France towards the France

Check the rate of transport by lorry at the start of the France to the France...

You will find a full and detailed explanatory end of page, in case or you have questions about this transportation. 

You can order your transport of goods directly from this page.

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Country of departure
Arrival country

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  • Premium transport, fast and without "surprise overload". Premium transport, fast and without "surprise overload".
  • Delivery in a vehicle adapted to your needs, at the advertised price Delivery in a vehicle adapted to your needs, at the advertised price
  • Multimodal and international transport. Multimodal and international transport.

Operation of the control of carriage of goods by heavy-weight of the France to the France.



  1. Departure and arrival addresses. 

This page is optimized for a transport from France to the France. You can find a transport to and from other European countries here:

Enter the address of departure and arrival in the first two boxes.

The tool is very flexible:

Liste de choix d'adresse sur 1fret

You can enter a city, a place name and even a name and surname of people, so Google Maps knows them, it will show. You can either complete the address when entering the news of departure and arrival, and complete by observations during the seizure of the fields 'various comments'.

ATTENTION: You must click on an element of the liste...

Otherwise, the site will tell you :

Remember to click OK before you continue.

If the list does not appear, it is that Google Maps doesn't recognize no address, just enter the street and the name of the city in this case, and also the zip code or same country if several cities have the same name (in many countries) : you can specify the address then. Attention in the case of a city with districts, you are required to specify the borough. The important thing is that the coordinates GPS provided the driver should be the most accurate as possible, some hundreds of meters is acceptable. You can also go directly to the site of google Maps, click on your address in the map and select: "more info about this place". Google Maps will provide the complete address you can then recopy.

         2. Names and or Contacts on departure and arrival.

Here you can specify the important information regarding the collection and delivery, for example, you can specify the addresses and names of people to contact on-site, or even languages or hourly charged by this person or this place, for example.

       3. Date of availability of the products.

This date is fundamental, and you must absolutely understand how it works...The availability to the pickup date is a date that sign that "from this DATE", the goods is available. This means that as long as we see we can respect the maximum delivery date, you leave the choice of this date (of collects. <)p >

In the case of picks up on date, if the date is mandatory, you will need to indicate this in the comments and we will validate or not the possibility (99% of the time this will be possible, but sometimes not). 

Picks it up is at least a J + 2 from the date of order (date has which you definitively validate your order, it is to say the date to which we receive your check and your transfer if this is the case, otherwise it is the current date). 2 D + 2 days are working bears, Saturday and Sunday are not included in this interval. You can order your order j + 1 here:

For the delivery date, it is a maximum date, it means, there also, that give us the free fields to deliver before, otherwise, please indicate in the 'comments' at the bottom. 

We draw your attention to the fact that very often, more you will leave a large gap between the date of your order and the delivery date - and a fortiori between the date of pick up and -delivery, more we can you rebate and more we have to be able to provide you with a truck and a powerful driver.

        4. Internal references

These references are there for you, you'll see them on your bills, but also for the driver if ever he should present a number or a code of pick-up, you can annotate the code or number, for example "UHSDF786SD number to go to the desk at the" collection"

        5. Marchandise

Here you can enter the character of your goods or the meters of floor necessary, and weight.

        6. Loading help

Enter here if you need help to load and unload (the famous tailgate).

Note that the driver will always be in these cases the equipped with a pulls pallet.

          7. Miscellaneous comments

This is where you can indicate the possible specifics of the delivery. Stay factual and concise.

         8. Assurance Ad valorem

If you want to purchase additional insurance for your goods, indicate here the amount.

         9. Documents

If you want to add documents for us or for the driver provide them here, and indicate in the comments in question and what to do.

        10. Double click add to cart.

The first time will save your transport (make sure to create an account to access them later)

The second will validate the command and direct you to the creation of your account with all your information of contact and billing, and then to the billing and payment.

        11. The following

You will receive all the necessary information to the good follow-up your transportation, according to the best standards of proactivity: 

An email confirmation of registration of the order (with the associated invoice)

An email confirmation of the implementation of the transport.

Any email for confirmation of dates so it seems to us necessary. 

An email confirmation of pick-up (with some latency between the real and the time when you will receive it) 

A good delivery confirmation

At any time, and if it seems to us necessary, we can contact you on the email or telephone customer account who ordered or on the contacts specified on the contact fields (if it seems to us more consistent). If you prefer, for example, that we did not take contact with the contact departure and arrival (for example for privacy issues), report it in the "comments" field.

Remember: even if you order 3 months in advance, a transport commissioned, is a reserved transport!